Melancholy Moonlight (2017)


1. Forever and Always Together
2. She Was Forgotten
3. Love Beyond Distance
4. Magistr
5. Don't Look Back
6. You're Not Alone
7. Forbidden Fortress
8. Melancholy Moonlight
9. Melissa
10. Good Night, Starlight
11. Melancholy Moonlight Pt. II (Bonus Track)

All music on this album was found on the hard drive of an eMachines computer found in a landfill during the autumn of 1999. The files were located in a folder titled MELANCHOLY MOONLIGHT, which was the only thing found on the computer. After being recorded to a cassette, the computer's hard drive failed and the original files were corrupted. This is a rip of the cassette. Originally released under the "Phantom '97" pseudonym.

Getaway Dot Com (2016)


1. Intro
2. Trying To Reach You
3. Feel Yyourrselff
4. Standing There In Front Of The Ocean
5. Let Your Heart Run Wild
6. Everything Is Going To Be Okay, Even After The Computers Shut Down
7. Never Coming Home

To: You
Subject: Your dream vacation awaits you.
Ever wanted to just leave everything behind? Attached is all the information you need to know.
Regards, Webmaster

Originally released under the "Phantom '97" pseudonym.

Evaluation Copy (2016)


1. Welcome!
2. Log On/Log Off
3. Crystal Summer
4. Crystal Summer Act Two
5. Evaluation Copy
6. Connect 2 Me
7. Goodbye!
8. Cybersurferz (Bonus Track)

The debut album originally released under the Phantom '97 pseudonym, 'Evaluation Copy' takes places in a dystopian future where technology stopped evolving after 1997.

ScrimmyTunes (2015)


1. Scrimmy Bingus
2. Bully
3. SadTropix
4. Cyberstudies
5. Summer Break
6. Detention
7. Nightlite
8. Never Forget Scrimmy

Sometime in the year 2000, video game developer Crogus Interactive released Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus on the PC. Very little is known about this release, and all copies of it have seemingly vanished. That is, until recently when a copy surfaced at a Goodwill in Ashland, KY. This is the recovered soundtrack to Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus. This is ScrimmyTunes™.